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Question Answer CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) 2022

Chapter 01

Chapter 02

Chapter 03

A network switch was installed to provide connectivity to cameras monitoring wildfie in a remote location. The organization is concerned that intruders could potentially leverage unattended equipment in the remote location to connect rouge devices and gains acces to the organizatio’s resources. 

Which of the following technique would BEST address the concern?


A technician is connecting multiple switches to create a large network for a new office. The switches are unmanaged Layer 2 switches with multiple connection between each pair. The network is experiencing an extreme amount of latency. 

Which of the following is MOST likely occurring?

Answer: A broadcast strom

A network administrator is troubleshooting the communication between two Layer 2 switches that are reporting a very high runt count. After trying multiple ports on both switches, the issue persists. 

Which of the following should the network administration perform to resolve the issue?

Answer: Perform a factory reset on both switches

A network requirement calls for segmenting departments into different networks. The campus network is set up with users of each departments in multiple buildings. 

Which of the following should be configured to keep the design simple adn efficient?


Which of the following uses the destination IP address to forward packets? 

Answer: A layer 2 switch

Chapter 04

An IT technician suspects a break in one of the uplinks that provides connectivity to the core switch. 

Which of the following command-line tools should the technician use to determine where the incident is occuring?

Answer: show interface

A fiber link connecting two campus networks is broken. Which of the following tools should an engineer user 

to detect the exact break point of the fiber link?


An engineer notices some late collisions on a half-duplex link. The engineer verifies that devices on both ends of the connection are configured for half duplex. 

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

Answer: The cable length is excessive

A network technician reviews an entry on the syslog server and discover the following message from a switch : SPANNING-TREE Port 1/1 BLOCKED .

Which of the following describe the issue?

Answer: A loop was discovered, and the impact was mitigated

A help desk operator is troubleshooting a site that is no longer responsive. 

Which of the following is the last step the operator should perform?

Answer: Verify functionality

Chapter 05

A helpdesk technician is reviewing the network layout in various areas. What is the purpose of subnetting?
Answer: Layer 3 segments

The following instructions were published about the proper network configuration for a videoconferencing device: “Configure a valid static RFC1918 address for your network. Check the option to use a connection over NAT.”. 
Which of the following is a valid IP address configuration for the device?

A security analyst is looking at traffic directed to What is this used for if used correctly?

A client moving into a new office want the IP network set up to accommodate 412 network-connected devices that are all on the same subnet. The subnet needs to be as small as possible. 
Which of the following subnet masks should be used to achieve the required result?

Which of the following would need to be configured to ensure a device with a specific MAC address is always assigned the same IP address from DHCP ?
Answer: Reservation

Chapter 06

A network technician is trying to diagnose a network where something is consuming a lot of bandwidth and slowing down the network. 
Which of the following would point to this?
Answer: Multicast transmissions

A network technician is setting up IPv6 global addressing. Which of the following is NOT part of an IPv6 unicast address?
Answer: Starts with fe80

A project manager is visiting a new building and connects to the network. The manager performs all connectivity tests by IP address but cannot ping by host name. 
What is most likely the problem?
Answer: DNS

Chapter 07

A security engineer is looking at IPv6 packets and observes packets for a default route. 
Which of the following represent a default route?
Answer: ::/0

A network administrator is looking through routing tables to troubleshoot issues. 
Which of the following is NOT an entry in the routing table?

Which of the following protocols is widely used in large-scale enterprise network 
to support complex networks with multiple routers and balance traffic load on multiple links?
Answer: OSPF

Which of the following BEST describe a North-South traffic flow ?
Answer: A layer 3 switch advertising routers to another router

Which of the following routing protocols is used to exchange route information between public autonomous systems?
Answer: BGP
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