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Question Answer CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) Network+ Mid Review

A cyber security technician speaks with a department that has voiced concern regarding tech issues. The technician discovered that the employee had received an email containing an attachment from an outside party. Curious about what the document contained, the employee clicked on the link.The next day, the employee noticed that some of the software was not working correctly, and some important documents were no longer accessible.

What was likely the cause of this issue?

Answer : Malware

A network administrator needs to break up a subnet into subnet masks containing 64 addresses. 

Which of the following subnet masks should the administrator use?

Answer :

A network engineer needs to decommission a server and wipe all custom configurations. 

What routine will the engineer use to wipe the server?

Answer : Factory Reset

A network consultant needs to develop a plan that sets out the procedures, tools, methods of communication, and guidelines when mitigating a problem. 

What is the name of this plan?

Answer : Incident Response Plan

A company tasks its network specialist with configuring a steel shelving system for patch panels, switches and routers, and server devices. 

What is the name of this system?

Answer : Rack

A network engineer installs a new Virtual Private Network (VPN) set up dynamically according to traffic requirements and demand. 

What is the type of VPN installed?

Answer : Dynamic Multipoint VPN

An organization purchased a new router with built-in firewall features. The administrator configured the new appliance and it worked as expected. However, after 90 days the firewall stopped working. 

What is the most likely cause?

Answer : The license trial period ended

A Windows user is trying to remote desktop into an application server, Although the user can ping the FQDN, they are unable to establish a connection. 

What is most likely the cause?

Answer : Firewall blocking TCP port 3389

Which of the following processes of an 

identity and access management (IAM) system proves that the user is who they say they are?

Answer : 

An organization hired a security firm to hack into its systems in order to determine what type of exploitable weaknesses the organization was vulnerable to. 

What kind of testing is this?

Answer : Penetration testing

A security company is working with a new customer and is describing different kinds of attacks they have discovered through research. 

What form of threat research does this represent?

Answer : Behavioral threat research

An administrator is monitoring the performance metrics for a server and notices that the system memory utilization is very high. 

What does this indicate?

Answer : The system needs an upgrade

An organization has secured its website with SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security). By default, 

what port will this encrypted traffic use?

Answer : TCP port 443

An organization needs to use shared mailboxes for managing customer inquiries. 

What mailbox access protocol should the clients utilize to retrieve the mail over secured connections?

Answer : 

An administrator is using DHCP and wants to retain centralized management of IP addressing but needs to ensure that specific devices that supply always-on functionality have static IP address assignments. 

What is the best solution?

Answer : 

A server administrator is analyzing a normal Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Teardown connection to their servers. 

How many FIN-WAIT states does the client go through during this process?

Answer : Two

A security architect is looking over network topologies where each endpoint node connects to a central forwarding node. 

What is this called?

Answer : Star

A network administrator is setting up an Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP). 

Which of the following protocols are part of the EGP class?

Answer : 

A network administrator is diagnosing a suspected problem with local addressing and packet delivery. 

Which of the following commands would the administrator use to add an entry to the ARP cache?

Answer : arp -s

A helpdesk operator is troubleshooting issues on a Windows client and wants to try to flush their dynamic IP address so that they can pull another one. 

Which command will help the helpdesk operator do this?

Answer : ipconfig /release

A network architect is planning a new setup for a new company that has yet to build buildings. 

Which of the following would the architect set up for a /16 network?

Answer : Class B

A security architect is dividing a network into logically distinct zones for security and administrative control. 

Which of the following should the security architect use?

Answer : VLANs

A helpdesk operator is troubleshooting communication issues for devices in different 

broadcast domains. What do the devices need to pass through to talk to each other?

Answer : Router

A help desk technician is trying to troubleshoot the end of a cable but is uncertain where the other end is. 

What could the technician use to help find the other end of the cable?

Answer : 

A network technician wants to upgrade the company's hub to avoid collisions. 

Which solution would help the technician accomplish this to the fullest extent?

Answer : Switch

Question A server administrator needs to allow a server to instruct the switch to pause traffic temporarily to avoid overwhelming its buffer and causing it to drop frames. 

What should the server administrator set up?

Answer : Flow control

A cable operator needs to transition from one cable type to another. 

Which of the following would best help?

Answer : Media converter

A project manager is ordering equipment to set up fiber cabling in a new building. 

Which of the following tools will allow a more permanent join with lower insertion loss?

Answer : Fusion splicer

A project manager is preparing a team to set up cabling infrastructure in a new building. 

Which of the following tools should they order to be able to create patch cords?

Answer : 

Question A network technician is trying to troubleshoot attenuation and measure accordingly. 

What unit of measurement expresses attenuation?

Answer : 

A client is trying to connect to a network. The client can get an IP address but does not have internet access and decides to see if they are issued an APIPA address. 

Which of the following would fall under the APIPA range?

Answer : through

A technician want to install a WAP in the center of a room that provides service in a radius surrounding a radio. 

Which of the following antena types should the AP utilize?

Answer : Omni

Question A help desk technician is helping to troubleshoot connectivity issues. Users report that they are receiving a blinking amber light. 

This is indicative of what type of issue?

Answer : Fault detected

A network administrator is require to ensure that auditors have read-only access to the system logs, while system administrators have read and wire access to the system logs, and operators have no access to the system logs. The network administrator has configured security groups for each of these functional categories. 

Which of the following security capabilities will allow the network administrator to maintain these permissions with the LEAST administrative effort?

Answer : Role-based access

Question A network technician is troubleshooting a connection from a client and decides to use the bottom to top troubleshooting methodology. 

Which step would the technician perform first?

Answer : Determine if hardware or software related

Question A network cabling operator is looking at different fiber optic connector form factors. 

Which of the following only works for multimode?

Answer : 

Question A systems administrator is looking at technology in the organization's environment and finds Fast Link Pulse. 

What does this technology do?

Answer : Sends link integrity test signals

Question A network technician is laying out coax cables and needs to order more termination connectors. 

What should the technician order?

Answer : F-type

A store owner would like to have secure wireless access available for both business equipment and patron use. 

Which of the following features should be configured to allow different wireless access through the same equipment?

Answer : 

Question An application developer is attempting to troubleshoot issues with ASCII conversion for their application. 

At which layer of the OSI model are they troubleshooting?

Answer : Presentation

While looking for a cloud deployment model for business operations, the network specialist looks for a model where several organizations share the costs of either a hosted private or fully private cloud. 

Which cloud deployment model meets the network specialist's and businesses' needs?

Answer : Community

A technician is consolitaing a topology with multiple SSIDs into one unique SSID deployment. 

Which of the following features will be possible after this new configuration?

Answer : Seamless roaming

Question A junior IT technician configures a purchased private computer network for a small bakery. 

The placement of a SOHO router within the building is which of the following?

Answer : 

A network administrator discovers that users in an adjacent building are connecting to the company’s guest wireless network to download inappropriate material. 

Which of the following can the administrator do to MOST easily mitigate this issue?

Answer : Reduce the wireless power levels

A network administrator is reviewing interface error on a switch. 

Which of the following indicates that a switch port is receiving packet in excess of the configuration MTU?

Answer : Flooding

A network technician is investigating an issue with handheld devices in a warehouse. Devices have not been connecting to the nearest APs, but they have been connecting to an AP on the far side of the warehouse. 

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

Answer : An incorrect channel assignment is on the nearest APs

A cable operator is laying out unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling in an environment. 

Which of the following is not a consideration for UTP?

Answer : Best used outside

A penetration tester wants to perform a half-open scan using nmap. 

Which parameter should the pen tester use in the command?

Answer : -sS

A network architect is reviewing a network where application services and resources are centrally provisioned,

managed, and secured. What is this called?

Answer : 

Question A junior IT technician configures a purchased private computer network for a small bakery. 

The placement of a SOHO router within the building is which of the following?

Answer : CPE

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