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Question Answer CompTIA Linux+ Final Review

Which of the following commands is used to verify connected devices and whether or not they support certain features?
- dmidecode

Use a case statement to evaluate a variable. Which example will evaluate at least two conditions of the variable and execute a command?
- case $var in condition1 ) execute ;; condition2 ) execute ;; condition3 ) execute ;; esac

What is the second step of the procedure to protect the 
GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) 2 boot loader with a password?
Answer : Enter grub2-mkpasswd-pbkdf2 to begin creating a cryptographic hash of a password.

What is the command used to add or remove modules from a kernel?
- modprobe

What is a Linux kernel framework that handles packets that traverse a network interface?
- Netfilter

Which authentication method would you use that verifies a user's identity based on their physical characteristics?
- Biometrics

Which one of the storage devices that are supported by the Linux operating system uses electromechanical devices that use magnetic storage technology to store data, usually in large amounts?
- Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

You need to automate the following tasks: 1.Deploy a virtual machine 2.Deploy an operating system 3.Install and configure a MySQL database 4.Install and configure a web application Which of the following should you use to carry out the above tasks?
- Orchestration

Which orchestration tool uses YAML files to create repeatable "playbooks" that define the desired configuration state?
- Ansible

What are the three kinds of repositories? (Select three)
- Vendor
- Local
- Centralized internal

Which command enables you to alter the scheduling priority of an already running process?
Answer : renice

Which one of the tune2fs command options specify the maximum time interval between file system checks in days, months, or weeks?
- -i {d,m,w}

Which boot process component configures device drivers?
Answer : The kernel

What boot loader component controls the installation of drive sectors and can only be run when booting from a drive?
ANswer : Boot loader installer

The rpm command is used to manage RPM packages on Red Hat-derived distributions. What are the primary options available for 
Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) to keep software current? (Choose all that apply)
- -U
- -F

What file does the last command retrieve information from?
- /var/log/wtmp

Which of the following connection protocols may lshw not detect?
- FireWire

As defined in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), the topmost directory in a Linux file system is the root directory, indicated by a single forward slash (/). Below the root directory are various subdirectories that are standardized as part of the FHS. Which subdirectory stores hardware and software device drivers and maintains file system entries that represent the devices connected to the system?
- /dev

What does the Principle of Least Privilege state?
-Users should be given no more authority on the system than they need to perform their job.

What is the recognition, diagnosis, and resolution of problems?

Which desktop environment is the default in most Linux distributions?

The final source code of a finished product is available in the Git repository. A developer wants to make edits to the code. What subcommand will you use to provide a working repository without making edits to the original code?
- Clone

What is a model in which access is controlled by comparing an object's 
security designation and a subject's (users or other entities) security clearance?
- Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

What service enables the synchronization of a node's time with a designated, definitive time source?
- NTP services

What command is used to print any messages sent to the kernel’s message buffer during and after system boot?

What is the second step in the procedure to remove a file?
- Enter rm {file name}

There are five different states that a process can be in during a process lifecycle (creation to termination), each one defining how the system or other apps can interact with that process. What state indicates that a process was terminated, but that it has not yet been released by its parent process?
- zombie

What are the three commands used to properly edit the /etc/passwd file? (Select all Three)

Which network device/component acts as a concentrator, centralizing all network connections for a segment to a single device?
- Switch

Which type of user account plays two roles on a Linux system?
- Root User

Which ls command option can be used to show all files in a directory, including files that begin with a period?
- (-a)

Chef and Puppet are both examples of what type of orchestration tool?
- Agent-based

Which file that contains the user's private key is used to configure SSH (Secure Shell) 
key-based authentication in Linux?
- id_rsa

Consider the given choices and determine which 
one establishes a conceptual framework for network connectivity.
- OSI model

You need a file system that does not provide the same capabilities as more modern file systems and is typically used for compatibility reasons. Which file system supported by Linux is compatible with many different operating systems, including all versions of Unix, Windows, and macOS?
- FAT (File Allocation Table)

Which dmesg command option is used to display a human-readable version of the time of each message, as well as its delta, or the difference in time between subsequent messages?

Which file provides shell configuration for the initial login environment?

Being security conscious, you always check out any software package being installed to your CentOS systems. 
Which command can you run to check supporting software packages prior to installing a new software application?
- yum deplist

What are the most fundamental components of a public key infrastructure (PKI)?
- Digital certificate

Which command can display, combine, and create text files and is most frequently used to display the contents of small text files, as it does not have a screen scrolling capability?
- cat

Which command is a program that you can use to modify text files according to various parameters?
- sed

Which of the following commands is the most fundamental of 
the NetworkManager interfaces?
- nmcli

Each file that is opened in Linux is assigned a file descriptor that keeps track of the file when it is open. It is possible, on a very busy server where a great many files may be opened simultaneously, that the descriptors could all be consumed. What common storage issue does this describe?
-Resource exhaustion

Which Linux distribution is Debian-based and used for penetration testing?
-Kali linux

Which one of the setfacl command options used to set the access control list (ACL) of an object, can also replace the same ACL if it already exists?
- (-s)

What do you call the storage locations for available software packages?
- Repositories


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